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the baby diaries....part3

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by thechanakya, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. thechanakya

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    Day 105:
    Im ‘big’ now. Well, that’s what food-y and dodo and the old people keep exclaiming. Even strange old people who visit me keep saying that.
    They keep making stupid faces at me. I smile mostly just to be polite. Yeah, its funny once, maybe even twice…but why do you keep repeating it over and over again!?? Yeah, but I smile anyway. They go gaga over my smile. Well, if its that important to them, then why not.!
    I still hate the bath time.

    Day 120:
    Rolling over like crazy now. Love it. Freedom !!! so, that’s how it feels!
    I must be God, I guess. I get fed, carried and changed at my will, by just crying. Feels good to be God.
    Food-y has a name…mumma or something. Sounds nice and easy.
    And dodo does too….dadda. well, I wasn’t too far off the mark, I guess.
    The ancient man is granpa and the dear old lady is granma.
    Mine is ‘coochie-coo’ I guess.

    Day 130:
    They keep doing the hurt routine every 45 days or so. Hurts as bad every time. Eveyonr is properly apologetic and sympathetic afterwards. But the question is why do they do it each time…..?!
    Pissed off at everyone. Even mumma.

    Day 140:
    Moved house.
    Have a new room. All done up in an ugly color. Too bright for my liking. Talking about which, all my clothes too seem to be of that ugly color. I wonder who selected it??

    Day 150:
    Dada and mumma seem to have a tendency to forget me these days. Keep talking to each other thinking I am asleep. Or sometimes even if I am awake. The nerve. Im God afterall. How can they!
    Well, im not having any of that nonsense. I make sure im noticed sooner than later.
    Think I Found my new love. Im sure this is it. He is called ‘cat’. Such a softie he is. Keep staring at me with those huge green eyes…. Im sure he loves me too. Make wonderful sounds too.

    Day 160:

    whats that thing they are eating. seems yummy. i want some too......pleaseeeee

    they all look at me....amused. and continue eating without giving me any. how mean!

    cat is looking sadly at me. he understands the pain. im sure he'll do something about it. my hero!
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  2. Arunarc

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    Hmmm.........so these are the things baby think about when he/she cannot speak.

    Writing a baby's mind is awesome.

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