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Thava, Vada & Harvard

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Thyagarajan, May 11, 2024.

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    Thava, Vada
    There was a man in a village.He was good at making delicious vadas.That was his profession too.He was illiterate.So he didn't read any newspapers.He didn't care much about what was happening in the country because he didn't have the habit of reading newspapers.So he didn't have the habit of watching TV.
    So his full focus was on his Vada business. He had no other thoughts. His shop had a lot of customers because of the variety of delicious Vadas and quality at low prices. Day by day the income was also soaring. He was therefore very happy.

    He had a son. He studied Economics in a famous Chennai college and later got Doctorate from Harvard .
    He was very active on social media like Facebook and Twitter. He came to town on vacation. He also went to his dsd's shop.
    There he saw that his dad had bought and kept a lot of goods like groceries, vegetables and oil for making vadas. He deemed dad carrying huge inventory.
    He went straight to his dad,
    "Why are you...so stupid...don't u know that there is an economic recession in the country? Many automobile companies are in red & in deep trouble. Many showrooms have been closed. Many people have lost their jobs. This joblessness will spread far & wide and many industries forced to declare lockout. There will be huge financial havoc and bunglings.
    Banks will go bankrupt.
    So use money carefully. Don't buy goods like this and carry huge inventories.."

    He gave a long-winded lecture that was a mixture of micro & macro economics that he had been taught.
    He also read out his dad the write-ups written on Facebook about the economic recession due to lack of food and famine and the associated information received on WhatsApp.
    His dad saw all this,
    "Oh, we can't read and write. Our boy studied so much in Chennai & Harvard. He wouldn't be wrong if he said..." he thought.

    He immediately reduced his inventory by half and returned it to the place of purchase.
    Initially he sold 50 varieties of vadas, the next day he reduced the variety of vadas to 10. He also reduced the sales.
    The crowd that came to his shop for his variety of vadas was halved due to the unavailability of variety vadas.
    Seeing that the number of customers reduced by half, he further reduced his sales. He started selling only Ulunda vada.
    He closed the shop with a sign saying that my Vada shop will be closed indefinitely from tomorrow due to slow sales.
    called his son,
    "Yes...as you said, there is an economic depression in the country. Even the number of people coming to our shop has decreased...some shops are not coming...the business is also down...I have closed the shop to save what I have..." he said.

    The son was also proud of himself that he had saved his father with the knowledge of economics he was studying.

    But his customers didn't know why he closed the vada shop which was doing good business till the end.

    (This vada story original in tamil adapted here)
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