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Temples & Religious Cultural events in NE

Discussion in 'Indians in Philadelphia' started by vmur, Dec 18, 2007.

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    Temples & Religious Cultural events in the Northeast

    Hello Ladies in NE,

    Please share any information you may have regarding temples and cultural events in your area.

    I can share some of the events happening in and around Philadelphia.

    To start with, there is a very nice Mahalakshmi Temple in Delaware. They have special pujas and events for the Dhanurmas. Here is their website.
    Hindu Temple Association

    In the Montgomery county, there is Bharatiya temple. Please refer to their website at
    Hindu Temple Mandir Bharatiya Temple Indian Temple in Philadelphia Montgomery County Pennsylvania USA

    In NE PA, we have the beautiful Sringeri Sharadha Peetam in Stroutsburg, PA. Shri AMR of Kumudam Jothidam had written about this in the issue two weeks ago. They are in the process of building a separate temple for Goddess Sharadambal. Please visit the site at SVBF If you can, drive here during the fall season to attend the Chandi homam or the Lalitha Sahasranama Puja during Diwali, the scenery is very picturesque with the fall colors and the mountain spring lake on the side.

    I request other members to share information on religious and cultural events in your area. I will also start a separate thread for Satsang/Balvihar activities.

    Warm Regards
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