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tell a lie....

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sathya, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    tell a lie.....

    a whole lot of people stay in apartments these days what with space constraint and not having the time to maintain an individual house with a garden etc. the safety aspect too. perhaps staying in apartments does have its merits and demerits like not being able to have a tree in the locality unless the apartment owner has provided enough space and thoughfully provided some or planted some trees.

    temples on hillocks were perhaps built to keep you healthy with fresh air and exercise when you climb that small green hillock.. not anymore man has found different avenues for his own greed and has cut down quite a few trees that surround the temples and has either used it for fuel or building or even making artifacts. hillocks are bereft of trees...!
    people have turned to be more ritualistic in their approach and do not have an eye for the future. they just go to the temple pray that they get all the goodies due?....and run to get to the next action at hand.
    so how do we go planting trees. get saplings tend to them for sometime in that little space on the balcony, window sill or kitchen. talk to it everyday? then when you visit temples like thiruvannamalai, or go for a giri valam round the hillock be sure to carry those saplings along.
    there must be more kutti kutti temples or just hillocks everywhere...very few hillocks do not have kutti temples. people have a way of finding HIM in a tree, roadside or hillock
    select a proper place and go ahead and plant it. do it as you would pray to a deity. be sure to water it as it can wilt without your watering at a later stage. it would be better if you can do this in the rainy season as the tree will soon take root without your help and grow all on its own.
    people sure are curious when you go about digging. they ask you questions as to why you are doing it.
    say it is in response to a favour received from HIM .
    what is your birthstar by the way?
    why they would ask.
    oh there is a tree for every star.
    just go ahead and say mango jamun or bilwa or whichever tree name comes to you first. ```i think it would be appropriate to plant it for benefits. only make sure it is the rainy season i know a friend who has the same star and has benefitted planting this tree....
    what about other stars...
    well you can plant the common ones like mango...guava...neem...
    and sure benefit it about three months time... plant it and see for yourself....
    a harmless lie that can sow a seed for the future...!

    this idea that i am saying does have effect that is each star does have a tree for benefit and planting or nurturing it does have benefits but down the ages it has been forgotten and i do not know if it is available in palm leaves or any other source...
    go ahead and tell a lie...be sure to tell one everytime...

    what if you belong to other religion...trees do not belong to any religion go ahead and plant it in the garden roadside park or if there is place in your religious place tell a lie there too....!


  2. sellakili

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    Hi Sathya...

    :yes: Really a good thought... Even i m fond of planting trees... but my house is like... i cudnt do:cry: ... really a good thought that every one should follow...:2thumbsup:

    Though not often we should plant a sapling every year on our birth day's atleast.... let a tree/plant to born on ur b' day................

    How it would be if place is green...:mrgreen:

  3. kanaka Raghavan

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    Hi Sathya
    It is a good thought to plant trees.It makes the world a better place to live in less pollution and regular rains.In fact more awareness has been created now.We find more and more trees being planted now.Exnora are doing a great job.We have bought a house in Velachery.It is a part of row houses.We have planted lots of plants there.It was a coconut grove before.But now houses have been built.But now lots of plants have been planted.It has become green and clean a better place to live in.
  4. Anandchitra

    Anandchitra IL Hall of Fame

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    very nicely worded post on growing trees. really liked it. i couldnt get the title to tell a lie.

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