Tale to Understand the Harmful Effects of Anger and How to overcome it!

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    A weary mother returned from the store, lugging groceries through the kitchen door. Awaiting her arrival was her eight-year-old son, eager to relate what his younger brother had done. As soon as he saw his mother he complained to her -"While I was out playing and Dad was on a call, T.J. took his crayons and wrote on the wall! It's on the new paper you just hung in the den mummy. I told him you'd be mad at having to do it again."

    She let out a moan and furrowed her brow. "Where is your little brother right now?" - she screamed. She emptied her arms and with a purposeful stride, she
    marched to his closet where he had gone to hide. She called his full name as she entered his room. He trembled with fear -- he knew that meant doom! For the next ten minutes, she ranted and raved about the expensive wallpaper and how she had saved and how everything was now spoilt!

    Lamenting all the work it would take to repair, she condemned his actions and total lack of care. The more she scolded, the madder she got, then stomped from his room, totally distraught! She headed for the den to confirm her fears. When she saw the wall, her eyes flooded with tears.

    The message she read pierced her soul with a dart. It said, "I love Mommy," surrounded by a heart!!

    Well, the wallpaper remained, just as she found it, With an empty picture frame hung to surround it. A reminder to her, and indeed to all- To take time to read the handwriting on the wall!


    Alas....what a futile emotion it was for the mother of the little child to have shown all her heated up anger, tension and blood pressure on her own child who
    was filled with so much love for her!!! Anger is the most dangerous emotion among all the other negative emotions which develops quickly when triggered, and this is proved in its very name being ANGER, which is only one letter short of DANGER!

    Anger has dangerous effects on our body as it heats up the blood, so much so that it takes three months for the blood to cool down. Within that period the nerves
    become weaker, even the blood cells get destroyed. Weakness is aggravated, and the memory power is reduced. All these lead to premature old age.

    According to Dr.Frank Baranowski, the Kirlian scientist who can see and read auras, the color of anger in our auras is a murky red, a most unpleasant sight to behold.He said that a burst of anger could generate enough energy to light up an electric bulb!

    Alas the anger in so many parts of the world at the present time would be truly frightening if we did not have the firm belief, and assurance, that in due course it will be transformed and conquered by the power of love.

    We are constantly affecting others by our auric vibrations according to our state of mind. These vibrations can uplift or contaminate them, be calm, peaceful and loving, or depressing, negative or even downright evil. There is a reason why a belligerent crowd, seeking revenge or filled with anger or hate is called an ugly crowd. It is indeed and each member infects the one next to him, resulting in unreasoning mob hysteria.

    By contrast the aura of a saintly person is literally out of this world. As Baranowski and others have described it: the white for energy is fantastic, his hand movements are spirals of energy. There is a pure blue, and mauve, but above all the rose pink of universal selfless love which flows out to embrace an entire audience of people; and even beyond that bands of gold and silver … for those of us without the clairvoyant gift, to be within that aura is a benediction"!


    So let us constantly monitor our emotions and strive to eradicate even our petty irritations, thoughtlessness, selfishness negativity and above all, anger – in fact that is lacking in love, always remembering God's omnipresence in our daily lives. And if and when we are privileged to be in physical presence of our Gurus or any saintly person, it is certainly not the color of our saris of which he takes note, but the color of our thoughts!! :)

    Hence it is our task, our duty, to control our thoughts and emotions all the time and in all circumstances to send out love.

    It is certainly not easy on occasions but it can be achieved.

    The great soul Paramahansa Yogananda demonstrated this in a dramatic fashion when he was attacked in America, by three thugs who demanded his money in no uncertain terms. He felt and showed no fear, simply handed them his purse, and looked at them with pure love. He projected such love that the thugs were struck by some force they did not understand. Then one of them handed his purse, mumbling `We can't take it from you, and they fled in panic!'!!

    The only antidote for anger is LOVE!

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