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    Recently I started a new job and i was very apprehensive about it, when i came across this article which was a real blessing.

    "The Lord Himself Goes Before You and Will Be with You........." Deuteronomy 31: 8

    Surely God would only send those He could trust into enemy territory. Understand this: God cares about where you are. He has selected you for your work environment. He has already, or is currently equipping you. You wouldn’t send your child off to camp without packing his bags or making provision for everything he would need while he’s away. And God wouldn’t either. Sometimes hostile environments can be overwhelming but by Gods grace we can thrive in them! If you’ll take God to work with you and keep your identity intact, the enemy will lose ground. Don’t let him keep you focused on everything that’s problematic: gossips, office politics, the too-heavy workload, the too-low pay, the micro-managing supervisor, the injustice of a system that seems to promote based more on who you know, than what you know. The danger is that you’ll focus on the discomfort of the moment and miss the blessings that lie beyond it. While you’re praying for God to change your circumstances and take away your stress, He’s saying ‘ if only you knew what awaited you. Your purpose and destiny are only moments away, and though not wrapped in shiny paper, they contain all you’ll ever need to reach your goal and bring me glory’. God understands us so well. He realises our tendency to stay too long when things become comfortable, to lean on the arm of flesh. Often He has to trouble the waters so that we’ll reach out to Him in desperation, and as a result, tap into strength and success we never knew possible.

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