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Sweet Wheat Dosa

Discussion in 'Cookery Contest Recipes' started by vatsi, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. vatsi

    vatsi Bronze IL'ite

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    Sweet Wheat Dosa

    Wheat flour - 2 cups
    Cardamom - 3 (open and crush roughly)
    Jaggery - 1/2 cup (Crushed well)
    Oil -2 tbsp
    Salt a pinch

    Mix the wheat with some water, salt and stir well so as to remove all lumps and make a smooth batter. To this, add the crushed jaggery and cardamom and mix well. The batter should be slightly thick and not too watery.

    Heat a tawa (flat pan), smear some oil on top, and then pour about 8 tbsp of the batter into a round shape on the tawa. Pour a little oil on the sides and allow to cook. Once cooked and slightly brown on one side, turn over and allow to cook on the other side.

    Can have this as is without any side.

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