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Super Coin Returns In Usa

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Thyagarajan, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:SUPER COIN RETURNS IN USA:hello:


    Yes, but it was not 2,000% gains, it was actually 4,950%.

    I was also quite surprised by it, so I researched the project more and it was quite astounding how it works.

    In fact, it might be one of the most intelligent blockchain projects that I’ve seen. Let me tell you how it works.

    1. Ampleforth is designed to be a stable coin that stays at the value of how much a U.S. dollar was worth in 2019. Right now, the 2019 dollar is worth $1.009.
    2. Every 24h, the total supply of Ampleforth increases when the price is above $1.05 when the price has fallen below $0.95.

      For every 10% above the target price of $1.009, the tokens will be increased by 1% and for every 10% below the target price, it will be decreased by 10%.
    3. That means when you have 1,000 AMPL tokens at $1 per AMPL worth $1,000 and if the price of AMPL increases by 50% within 24h to $1.5, you would then have 5% more tokens or 1,050 AMPL worth $1,575. If the price of AMPL only stays at $1.5 for 10 days, you would then have $1,050 * 1.05^10 = 1,710 tokens worth $2,656.
    4. In the 16 days from June 26th to July 12th, the price of AMPL increased by 300% from $1 to $4. or 20% per day. Since every day, the supply is increased, you would have gotten 2% on the first day, 4% on the second day, 6% more on the third day up until 32% more on the 16th.

      Since this is compound interest, your 1,000 tokens worth $1,600 would have become a total of 17% * 16 days = 1,000 * 1.17^16 = 12,330 tokens.

      With $4 worth per token, you would have gotten 12,330 * $4 = $49,500 or a gain of 4,950%.

    As you can see, the tokenomics here are insane, especially a daily return of 10%+ is extremely strong.

    Additionally, the price is expected to move farther and farther away from the target price when more people discover AMPL, which in case it stays at $2, it would mean 10% of rewards every day for an extended period of time until everything crashes down again, because more people are selling the tokens than buying.

    Right now, the coin is at around $2, which would give a daily increase of 10%.

    It’s definitely worth putting a couple of hundred $ into AMPL, a good exchange to trade AMPL is KuCoin.

    I think this could be the next Presearch.

    Is it real. Are people collecting coins and get quick rich? Did you hear and try. Your comments please.

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