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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback!' started by Selvi, May 22, 2007.

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    Hi IL Team,

    I feel that listing of all city links in the forum main page like 'Indians in LA, Indians in Detroit...' makes the page too longer than needed.

    Mostly the 'General Discussion' topic has more threads compared to the individual city threads. For all the areas, you can think abt keeping General Discussion topic and another link for all cities together .

    JMO! :mrgreen:

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    That is a good observation Selvi. Thank you so much for making the suggestion. We want as many suggestions are we can get. That's the lifeblood of IL.

    The reason we give a little prominence to these local forums is because we have this vision for IL where we want a strong and large community for each of the cities. We want members to discuss lots of things that are specific to that city. Our members are still not into discussing a lot of these local topics yet, but with this prominence we hope to gently nudge our members to do so. At the moment, it looks a little too much prominence for something that is not very popular, but over time we hope to make it popular enough that our members feel that its prominence is justified.

    Thank you Selvi once again for the suggestion.

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