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Suggestion To Introduce Q n A Forum in I.L.

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback!' started by Nischel, May 19, 2007.

  1. Nischel

    Nischel Senior IL'ite

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    Dear Administrator of I.L,
    Perhaps u r aware of the Fact that YAHOO n REDIFF groups are
    conducting Forum by name " Question and answers " in which many are
    participating,for which there is a panel of judges to select the correct answers, some points are being credited to th participant's a/c both for
    Questioning as well as for answering.
    Our I.Lc is having well experienced Moderators.Is it not Feasible to
    conduct such fourm? Recently "Abdul kalam",president of India,"KiranBedi",
    "Mamatha Benargee" put their querries to get th public opinion. It is instantanious.I am a regular participant in it .I wonder within no time(with in
    minutes)we are getting answers from different corners of the world referring
    the sources for their answers.I think it indicates the Bulk of viewers especially
    of this forum.The questions put by the viewers are from different categories.
    One can put 5 questions at a time(optional).
    Bye with Best Wishes For I.L.c. Sd/sastry

  2. Jey

    Jey Administrator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Ayyappasastry,

    That is indeed a very interesting idea. Can you please elaborate which element of the rediff Q&A section you find the most interesting?

    1. The panel of judges
    2. The amount of responses
    3. The points system
    4. Questions by celebrities

    Thank you and look forward to your responses.

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