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Stepping Down From Toastmasters

Discussion in 'Friends & Neighbours' started by ChennaiExpress, Feb 5, 2017.

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    Toastmasters s a fantastic concept and idea with the right people.

    Unfortunately I was doing the brunt if the work, sacrificing my job and family members.

    When I announced I was stepping down, I emailed two ladies saying they are most qualified and I nominate them. only one lady responded with a thank you (she's unemployed, looking for job in my company, hence being friendly ... I know how it is)

    Then it turns out I'm unable to attend, hence Chair the two contests so this morning I asked for volunteers. So far, no response (probably because it's weekend).

    Honestly, the thought of having to Chair the contests so that some other person (who is a good talker, good dresser, but good for nothing) will take the credit has made my physically sick. And instead of Chairing contest I can do something to help my family, or improve job prospects (who knows what will happen in this economy!).

    I paid membership fee and why should I attend if I'm getting physically sick by the thought of it. Toastmasters should be enjoyable, not stress a person out.

    I'll attend to elect new President and then I'll stay away for a while.

    I started getting signs in Dec 2016 itself to step down but I felt bad because I already organized Open House.

    Maybe in few years or so I'll resume Toastmasters because right now it's just bearing down on me while I have my family and livelihood to take care of.

    Hopefully they will get Chairperson for both contests..

    I just want to thank the people on IL for recommending I join Toadtmasters as a way to improve confidence, especially after coming out of abusive marriage.

    I already earned CL and CC. I was contemplating going for Advanced Comoetebt leader because it's only 2 more speeches, but getting the VP of Education to submit award is like pulling teeth. I had to send step by step instructions to apply for CL (he's the good dresser, good talker, good for nothing I was referring to).

    Perhaps if there is Competant person who becomes Presudent and needs someone to fulfill goal of additional CL, ACL, etc then I will glafly assist.

    I learned a lot during my time as President. I learned more in that period of time than ever in my life. Now I feel I am better equipped to deal with present issues of family and livelihood.

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