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    What did the first pizza slice say to the other pizza slice so it would move?
    Pizza - HUT!

    What did the half eaten naan say?
    I wish I was puri.

    . A Bihari goes to a movie hall and asks for two tickets, Do tho ticket dena, The person at the window tells him that there is a house full, so this
    Bihari says koi baat nahin do house full de do.

    2. A Bihari after coming back from a three hour long class says: Saala pura body headache maar raha hai

    3. "Aaj Mother Teresa a rahen hai Kamani Auditorium mein saam ko aap chalenge na , hum aap ko 5.30 p.m sharp pe lene aienge, so this fellow didn't know who is Mother Teresa and replied back, "nahin bhai aap hi chale jaiye hum Englis film nahin dekhte hain.

    4. A Bihari went to New Delhi for the first time in his life. He went there during the time of Asiad and was zapped to see all these new stadiums, newly
    constructed roads, flyovers etc., etc. The poor fellow hadn't seen all this ever before. So when he came back to Aligarh people asked him as to how did he like Delhi, he was too excited and said : yaar delhi to buhat top ka laga, pura delhi chamak chamak raha tha, sab kuch jagmaga raha tha, sab shine maar raha tha lekin yaar ek cheez hum understand nahin kar paye, yeh itta barka barka speed breaker kahe ko bana diya hai (he couldn't figure out what is a flyover).

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