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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rgsrinivasan, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. rgsrinivasan

    rgsrinivasan IL Hall of Fame

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    So happy was I,
    Roamed here and there,
    Tasted a sweet; Was on a high
    Before that thing came from nowhere.

    It gave me that awry feeling
    That something was to happen.
    Don't know when but my whole being
    Felt it; forced me to move out then.

    I moved fast at a zipping speed that
    It seemed just only a tiny blur.
    Its eyes seemed to follow me but.
    It remained. I shrugged and whirred.

    I kept moving far but
    Its eyes were nailed on me.
    I dived and dodged a bit.
    Its plan was alien to me.

    After what seemed to be
    An eternity, I just gave up.
    I thought that he too might be
    On the verge of giving up.

    I turned to see him just
    Inches away from me then.
    How the hell did I miss?
    Stealth was his chief weapon!

    I tried to move but was
    Intoxicated and went numb.
    His long and sticky tongue was
    Out and caught be plumb.

    I thought about my past,
    Knowing I would too be.
    Something dark filled fast.
    You may know! Please tell me!

    * A fly's account, before being eaten by a lizard.

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