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Speed up hair growth

Discussion in 'Hair Care & Hair Styles' started by k.mahon, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. k.mahon

    k.mahon Guest

    Does anybody know any recipes or things I can do or whatever that will make my hair grow fast or speed up my hair growth rate?

  2. Vidya24

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    K.Mahon- for you

    Dear K.Mahon,

    Welcome to Indusladies.

    Saw your question on hair growth. Indusladies has her own cookery expert and consultant Mrs Chithra Viswanathan who has given two Harmless Home Remedies for better hair care.

    Curry leaves hair oil

    Home –made shikakai powder

    In addition, another member Gulshan has answered some queries from members on hair care. You can find them at

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  3. chitrajaraika

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    1. Fenu greek(venthayam) is good herbal which avoids dandruff and give hair growth.add 5drops of franch oil,2-3(depending on ur hair length)spoon of gingely oil along with powdered fenugreek make it as a paste and apply in hair all over.wait for 30minutes to one hour its ur wish.wash it thoroughly.apply weekly once.it wil make u cool always.hair wil become soft and silky because its a good conditioner.

    Notes:For oil bath hair should be washed thourougly.then only it will be effective

    2.Along with coconut oil add 3 drops of franch oil daily for ur hair during night

    3.apply olive oil for ur hair regularly in night

    all d above will give
    strong black hair,
    increase growth,
    silky hair

    i have tried this but oily hair people lightly reduce the oil level because too much oil create dandruff and too much dry also give dandruff.

    to avoid dandruff
    drink plenty of water
    take oilbath once and normal hairbath once in a week
    wash ur comb wenever u take hair bath(important)
    dont share ur combs use separately
    dont change shampoos or shikai.use same brand regularly.
    after hair bath u may dry ur hair at that time dandruff falls on face hence wash ur face after drying ur hair completely to escape from itching or acne problem.
    if u have doubts u can ask me.i am following these tips

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