Soup- A Sweet & Sour Sip

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    Soup is a savoury liquid dish made by boiling meat, fish, or vegetables in stock or water. Soups are served at the beginning of the meal. Soups are prepared almost in every house hold. Health benefits of consuming soups are also familiar. Fine whole some soups can be made in a great many varieties but only with good basic soup stocks; they require imagination, skill and patient labour. Must in the making of the soup are stock, milk, careful selection of all ingredients, slow boiling, careful skimming, and degreasing and proper straining.

    Soups are classified into two types;

    · Clear soups

    · Thick soups

    Broth Soups come under clear soups- fish, beef, game, chicken. Clear soup need to be clear in the first instance and not clarified twice, each clarification meaning loss of strength. INDIAN; chicken consommé flavoured with curry powder, garnished with cubes of coconut royal and rice.

    Three varieties of soups are there in the category of thick soups. They are * puree soups, * cream soups * velvet soups.

    Most puree soups may be transformed into cream or velvet soups if rice, potatoes, lentils or toast are replaced by cream sauce or velvet sauce.

    Vegetable soups, poultry soups & game soups come under puree soups. Cream soup is the one in which thickening is made using the cream. Egg yolks &cream are used for thickening in the velvet soup.

    AFRICAN SOUP; curried chicken veloute’ blended with cream of rice, garnished with diced artichoke bottoms and egg plants.

    COLD CLEAR AND THICK SOUPS; these are greatly appreciated on hot summer days and for supper party. the stock or broth for these soups must be made of first class material, well skimmed & degreased. Thick soups must always be well seasoned otherwise they will taste insipid when chilled, they ought to have the consistency of rich but not to thick cream.

    CREAM OF TOMATO SOUP under Cold thick soup: puree of raw fresh tomatoes boiled up with rich veal stock, thickened with arrow root diluted with cream, boiled for a few minutes. Seasoned, strained, chilled, mixed with cold tomato juice and finished off with heavy cream.

    National, regional,& many miscellaneous soups are available.

    NYA YENN WO; Bird’s nest soup; rice cooked for hours in water with dries onion and dried orange peel. Soaked and cleaned bird’s nests, diced white chicken meat, Chinese sauce, salt and pepper added and cooked. Garnished with green onion sprouts and dried onion sprouts, served in bowls (CHINESE)

    Hot & cold fruit & wine soups are mainly of German origin and very refreshing in summer time.

    WINE SOUP; white wine and water, boiled with lemon peel and cinnamon for a few minutes, strained, sweetened with sugar, thickened with egg yolks and almond milk.
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