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    An Interview with Sardar.

    1 - Interviewer: what is your birth date?
    Sardar: 13th October
    Which year?
    Sardar : Oye ullu ke pathe _ _ _ EVERY YEAR

    2 - Teacher to Sardar: Write your best friend's name in English.
    Sardar wrote: ' Beautiful Red Underwear'
    Teacher: What?
    Sardar: His name is Sundar Lal Sheddy

    3 - Manager asked to sardar at an interview
    Can you spell a word that has more than 100 letters in it?
    Sardar replyed: -P-O-S-T-B-O- X.

    4 - After returning back from a foreign trip, sardar asked his wife,
    Do I look like a foreigner?
    Wife: No! Why?
    Sardar: In London a lady asked me Are you a foreigner?

    5 - One tourist from U.S.A. asked to Sardar: Any great man born in this village???
    Sardar: no sir, only small Babies!!!

    6 - Lecturer: write a note on Gandhi Jayanthi
    So Sardar writes, "Gandi was a great man, but I don't know who is jayanthi.

    7 - Interviewer: just imagine your in 3rd floor, it caught fire and how will you escape?
    Sardar : its simple. I will stop my imagination! !!

    Sardar : You cheated me. Shopkeeper: How ? Sardar : YOu said this is
    American made radio. But when I put it ON, it says All India Radio.

    Sardar got into a bus on 1st April when conductor asked for ticket. He
    gaveRs.10/- and took the ticket and said "April fool. I have a pass."

    Sardar joined new job. 1st day he worked till late evening on the
    computer. Boss was happy and asked what you did till evening. Sardar : Keyboard alphabets were not in order, so I made it alright.

    sardar were fixing a bomb in a car. Sardar 1 : What would you do if thebomb explodes while fixing.

    Sardar 2 : Dont worry, I have a one more.

    Sardar was busy removing a wheel from his auto. A man asks sardar why are you removing a wheel from your auto.

    Sardar : Cant you read the board. Parking is only for 2 wheeler.

    Sardar : What is the name of your car ? Lady : I forgot the name, but it starts with "T". Sardar :
    Oye Kamaal di gaddi hai, Tea se start hoti hai.
    Hamaari gaddi petrol se start hoti hai.

    American told sardar : Hamare desh me 90% shaadi e-mail se hoti hai.
    Sardar: Kya bath hai. Hamari desh me 100% female se hoti hai.
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    A Sardar Story :

    One rainy day a Sardar was traveling by his new FERRARI car. He was Not

    a very good driver and so did not have complete control on it.

    Mike Tyson was also riding his bike on the same road. At a speed breaker

    Sardar's car came in contact with Tyson's bike.

    Tyson got very angry. He dragged sardar out of the car and threw him a

    Few yards away from the car.

    Tyson then drew a small circle around sardar and shouted "Hey!! It's not

    Easy for you to damage my bike and get away. Now I will be thrashing

    Your car. You should stay inside this circle and watch me smash your

    Car. If you come out of the circle, I will kill you immediately" ..

    Then tyson turned towards the car and he smashed its side indicators.

    Then he looked at sardar. Sardar looked at Tyson's sarcastically.

    Tyson's anger grew and he smashed the window panes and then again looked

    At sardar. Sardar grinned at Tyson.

    Tyson was confused. Tyson could now not at all control his anger and he

    Broke the side doors and tore away the seats of the car. Then he again

    Looked at Sardar. Sardar was laughing so hard that he could hardly


    This time Tyson came to Sardar and he told "oh! What is this? I am

    Spoiling your expensive car and you are so happy about it?"

    Sardar replied "Every time you turned towards the car I was out of the

    circle And you did not notice it!!



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    Hi Kodi

    They were really nice jokes. I had a hearty laugh. Keep it coming!!

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    Dear Kodi,

    Had a good laugh..Ha...haaaaa.:rotfl :rotfl

    Thanks for sharing.

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