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Social Networking Platforms – A Boon Or Bane

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Anjelin, Nov 15, 2019.

Social Networking Platforms – a boon or bane ?

Poll closed Dec 5, 2019.
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  1. Anjelin

    Anjelin Gold IL'ite

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    Social Networking Platforms – a boon or bane has been debated lots and lots,
    And I am using it again, to put down some of my thoughts.

    Connecting with people from all corners of the world is a boon,
    Disconnecting from reality, nearby people and social isolation is a bane.

    Updates about our life instantly shared with friends on our wall is a boon,
    Hackers and intruders using that opportunity to cyberstalk us is a bane.

    Finding lost children faster than ever is a boon,
    Misleading and cheating teenagers is a bane.

    Inspiration and easy interaction with role models - a boon,
    Comparison, jealousy and getting insecure is a bane.

    Sharing knowledge and relevant information is a boon,
    Shaming people, spreading rumours and false information is a bane.

    Using it for current affairs and current technology is a boon,
    Getting glued to it and losing track of life is a bane.

    A space to have open discussion and debate freely is a boon,
    Hate speeches and bullying using the same is a bane.

    Cost effective method for sales and job posting is a boon,
    The same used for false propaganda is a bane.

    A short break from work to see virtual world is a boon,
    But reducing time in physical and social interaction is a bane.

    Social media on its own is a boon,
    Our misuse and ill handling are what makes it a bane.
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  2. BhumiBabe

    BhumiBabe Platinum IL'ite

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    It has become a double edged sword, but I think I would not have survived without social media. I am dependent on it to connect with my friends and family. And even connecting with like minded individuals, it is through these platforms. I do believe in moderation. There is an excessive amount of crap that social media has become a gateway to. False news has become prevalent. I have found many elders believing the false posts and spreading it to more people through their WhatsApp groups. That part is a bit worrying.
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  3. Anusha2917

    Anusha2917 IL Hall of Fame

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    Years back for one if the competitive exams my essay topic was "internet -boon or bane" . I remember writing pages and pages. Off course no patience to type now.

    It's a boon for me. :)
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