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SMs jokes

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by sunitak, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. sunitak

    sunitak Junior IL'ite

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    Teacher : Y is honesty the best policy?



    Student : Bec there is hardly any competition.
    When words are not just enuff to express ur feelings

    Dont think u r in LOVE

    You just have to attend a english speaking course!!!!!!!!:-D
    A boy throws a bottle of Bournvita out of the window.
    A cat sees and buries it under the ground.Why?

    And:its "CAT Buries(cadbury's) Bournvita
    Never Kiss a Nurse,She will say "Next Pls"
    Never Kiss a Police woman,She will say "Hands Up "
    Always Kiss a Teacher , COZ

    She will say "Repeat it 5 times "
    John to his friend: My father can lift 8 people with one finger!!!
    friend : Wow!!! how is it possible?
    John : he is a lift operator .
    Thought for the day!
    An ant may be small,but it can bite on ur ass.............................

    Can u biteon its ass ??



    Pls dont underestimate others!!!!!

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