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Smart Wife

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, May 10, 2022.

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    Ganapathy retired from bank service as Sr Manager.
    Got handsome retirement benefits.
    He deposited around 50 lacs in MFs and debt funds.
    25 lacs he kept in SB itself, as his pension was sufficient for him and his wife. He included his wife's name in his savings acct and taught her on line banking and the importance of OTP... He told her not to divulge OTP to anyone.

    One evg Ganpathy returned from evg walk.
    ' I forgot to take my mobile...BTW, anything important?' He asked .

    Wife said 'Someone phoned from the bank '

    Ganapathy froze.

    ' Reg OTP?' He asked shockingly .

    ' you are smart. Of course they wanted me to share the OTP as they wanted to convert our acct from silver status to diamond status with more benefits'

    ' My God..did you get an OTP? Did you share it?'

    ' Of course..when it is the bank people calling how can I refuse? '

    Ganapathy slumped on the sofa .
    He immediately took the mobile logged into bk acct with a heart pounding like a jet motorset murmuring
    " You idiot ...25 lacs gone"

    But he was pleasantly surprised to see not only 25 L was safe but the SB interest was added to it.

    " Did you share the OTP correctly?"

    " Yes. But the bank people it is not correct and asked me to recheck. I stood my ground."

    " What was the OTP?"

    " It was, I think , 2404. Since it is a joint account, I 'shared' only half of the OTP....1202 "

    Jayasala 42
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