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Sister in law ....... Yucks!

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by diana, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. diana

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    Dear friends,

    I have accessed back on IL after a very long time, as i have moved to another Country. I am now living and working in Kuwait.

    The reason Iam writing today is I need some advise from you people out there, who have been very supportive and always there to give a hear to other women troubles and problems.

    I need an advise for my sister (Lyra) who lives and works here in kuwait. She lives a few blocks away from me. And as she is younger to me, always turns to me for help and advise.

    Here is her story. Lyra is married to a wonderful person, for the last 6 years. Here's was a love marriage. Lyra' has no fil, she has only mil, one bil who is married and one sil (Rosy:evil: ), who is married too and have 3 kids. Both the brothers live and work here in Kuwait along with their wives. But Rosy is still living with her parents (with Lyra's inlaws) along with her 3 kids.

    Lyra's mil doesn't like her dils but only her daughter, so she has kept her with her, even after her marriage. Rosy is not ready to stay with her inlaws and always has complaints and reasons for not staying with them. Her 3 kids were born and grew at her mother's place. Her husband always visits them often after work and even stays on week ends. Otherwise, he usually stays with his own parents.

    Lyra's mil always demands her sons to send more and more money saying expenses is daily increasing. Everyone knows that WHY the expense is increasing but can't ask the mother for fear of hurting her. She also says that Rosy is paying to stay with her as her hubby is running their (Rosy n kids) expenses.

    Now the amount to be send to her has gone upto 20,000/- a month, each brother sending 10. Is it not that 20,000 for one person (Lyra's mil) is too much. She feels that as the sons are abroad it is ok for sending the amount she asks. The sons also have their families, kids school and other things. Life in Kuwait is also getting much expensive.

    Both the brothers are very upset:icon_frown: . They have many times asked their mother to come and stay with them, but she refuses as she is not ready to leave her daughter and come.

    I hope you guys have some solution to this:).

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  2. Ria2006

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    hmm.. Weired practices in India... My advice. Your sister and her husband both need to first arrive at a mutual decision. Then her husband needs to take the lead in explaining this to his mother.
    Its very obvious that her SIL has a failed and dysfunctional marriage. Your BIL needs to explain this to his mother that she better get wisdom and stop being used by her daughter. He needs to explain that sis and her kids are not the mother's responsibilities. More she will do, more they will spread.
    Your sister husband needs to give his mother a shock by saying.. she needs to choose.. Where she see her future.. with her daughter or her son.. Basically mother needs to stop pampering full grown daughter. A lady who cannt stay with her husband to grow her kids itself proves herself insensible.
    I dont think paying 20K is sensible. It seeems MIl and daughter are enjoying best of lifestyle without undergoing pangs of staying away from their country..
    They need to have reality check and get their lives collected for better....
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