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SIL 's temporary but annoying stay

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by HMA, Feb 14, 2008.

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    I have a problem with my sister in law...I live in theUS and she got her green card after I came to the US,,2 years ago she came to my house for about 2 months and I was newly married,,,I welcomed her although there were so many problems with her...
    Couple of months ago ,,she came here to deliver her baby and the people she was supposed to saty with did not toletrate her delvering her baby all alone with her hubby...so I told her to come to my house although I was so busy with my newborn baby and I already was so depressed and tired with pregnancy and deliver,,,
    Anyway,,she came to my house and she made me so crazy with her actions and her plans about getting her hubby papers ready for coming to the US and with her C-section delivery..My hubby was not happy with that and he told me that i have to satnd up for my word coz it was my desicion to have her ,,,,she stayed for about 3 months ,..
    The problem i that she intended to come here every 6 months from lebanon to keep her green card,,,what should I do?? coz im so tired, angry,,depressed with her??

  2. Ria2006

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    Re: Help

    I believe it was too much for her to plan her pergnancy just for Citizenship for kid. we Indians are so bizaare. I mean how the hell people think they can go on delivering kids without planning the logistics. Very bad on their part.

    I can totally understand your agony.
    I would suggest talking to SIL openly and suggesting her some options like a furnished flat near your house for few months. Which she can apply anytime she plans to come. Since your husband understands it, I believe it will be easy if he talks to her.

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