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Siblings And Their Children

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. sunkan

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    Siblings and their children:

    This relation and events u can reprocess as it tends to, when the elder is married and has a child. The festivity is something to be seen as the first baby’s arrival all are excited and want to coo, carry around and so on, as the brats grow, they show their colors and when the elder child lands up with the kids during holidays, the younger siblings had it.

    My sister in tenth then used to take her notes to show the teacher to find all the pages having round and round images made with pen, pencil, red color, black, any thing that is available, and once she comes home she starts to shout, the child is terrified and then she is scared that the child may not come to her, so makes it up with her, and dad gets some papers for her to scribble.

    The walls have just been painted for the pongal and lo so many drawing the piccasso has arrived and the family thinks about the expense that went into, and start shouting at the elder sis than the child because they are unable to shout at them, so the adult is brick batted instead..

    Always trying to climb the trees in the compound and falling from there, oh! The summer fractured hands, leave you with nursing them with food and cleaning and so many other things other than enjoying the holidays. The cushions well painted been used to be pulled inside the house with one brat sitting and the other pulling it with a rope,.

    God knows! From where they get these ropes to dirty the cushions so well painted with fabric paint. Hey akka did u see your brat spoilt all my effort. The beautiful satin curtain gets a lot of ink in dots and rows they have tried to bring out the ink they say as it was not writing, now how to remove and save the curtains…

    The bed wetting is another event none would like to share their bed with the child so she feels left out only with her mother and only she loves her and so on. A big list of do’s and don’ts come your way, no liquids and so on, but still some children bed wet till their teens, for no reason.

    Then come the lice problem which the children get from schools and then cleaning and no no near the bed, then I would be scratching in the office and so on. Now the turn slowly comes with the elder ones kids all grown up and they start keeping the house clean and beautifying it and so on, now come the next generation of new vaandus,[kids] rocking them to sleep playing with them feeding them and so many affectionate gestures exchanged and then one day they start with pencil and pens to draw anywhere they like, autograph is not spaced u see. The shell lamp glowing so beautiful gone says my child, start looking oh it was so beautiful.
    Hey come on! Children will be so says my husband and definitely the favor is on their side.

    The artifacts go for a toss, I lost a beautiful goblet willed with golden liquid, my sis son janak just put a few coins and shook it so vigorously the glass broke.

    The natraja idol I had in the drawing room lost its balance and out of its frame, wondered how he could take it out, it was gun metal, any way my husband was clever in disposing it off, before I go red looking at it, to-day as I was having my coffee, I saw the fengshui frog without a coin in its mouth on the side table and it has been so from the time I got it, as someone said money would pour in, he he he…money here janak took the trouble to break the coin and there is no space to either put it back or stick it in…so life moves on, with bigger events as the children grow and adults at logger heads, hey! Your kid did this just come and look. Did I shout the other day? Yeah! I know..

    My aunts son raju now has a big son rahul, threw away the hammer from the house because he could never win over an argument, so the only way to show displeasure is to throw away vital items which we keep searching later, nothing would be told..

    Aha! The most important item I must include, is sweets from the fridge vanish and the children in the house get the blame, all at one go with only the box inside, and any amount of their no not me goes over board. The culprit watches the children getting beaten with out batting their eyes…

    I remember even watches were hidden inside the drainpipe and we had to cajole and cajole him to come out with it. He was so naughty priya never forgives him even now. Raju used to put on a white bed sheet over his head and slowly walk along the compound while she would be cleaning a plate after dinner, and she would scream and run inside throwing things all over that was the effect.

    Now when he came from US he still begs her to pardon him and she says never u swine, so this war continues…this is a never ending story have u something to add here please do so and make it more colorful. sunkan
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  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Sunkan
    These are the tumtrams in every house, I don't think there is any family who has not gone through such a situations.
    With such incidents a family is active or nothing like this happens just imagine so dull everything would be.

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