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Should i talk to my parents?

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by CharuKaur, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. CharuKaur

    CharuKaur Senior IL'ite

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    Dear ladies

    for the last couple of days i have been thinking over a problem and thought of sharing it with you..
    My dad is very helpful by nature and loves giving advise/suggestions to everyone. He is into banking, so a lot many people ask for his advise and he has developed this habit in a big way.
    Now the problem is that whenever some discussion happens between my ILs and parents, my dad seems to assume his usual self of giving advise and suggests things to my ILs. At times, there are real big issues being talked about - like purchasing property, investing money etc.. I feel a little scraed when my dad suggests things to my ILs - specially in monetary matters. Ofcourse, my dad's words are based on his best of experience and caution & i would blindly follow his suggestion but i dont know how my ILs would react if ever his advise turned south. My insecurity is all coz of the sensitive nature of this relationship.
    i dont want to directly talk abt it with my parents coz they might feel that my ILs already said something to me and i am in trouble or something - i dont want to mislead them.
    But is it reqd to sensitize them with this or m i just over-thinking???

  2. Ria2006

    Ria2006 Silver IL'ite

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    Actually I think you should share your apprehensions with your parents.
    These matters are little sensitive and No one wants to listen it from DIl's parents. So why risk a good relation. Just tell frankly to your parents, Even though no one has said anything as of now.. But You feel that one day it may come to that point.
    So lets be careful adn watchful.
    You dad is experienced person. Parents never misunderstand a kid.So go ahead and speak your midn with them

  3. dsrini

    dsrini Bronze IL'ite

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    Don't worry Charu. I have been in this situation and have seen my cousin go thru such situation, Unfortunately in her case it turned out bad.
    So b 4 ur in-laws say something to ur parents plz talk to them (ur parents). In-laws definitely won't like advice from our parents(in my case my fil is the rude one) so its better u tell them but in a nicer way like tell them to give advice if ur in laws ask and tell them that u really care about them thats u don't want them to get hurt or something.

    Don't worry nothing will happen. But do tell ur concern and things will be go very smooth. Earlier the Better.

    All the Best

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