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should I prefer teaching my daughter or sending her to tuitions

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by sunitaltos, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. sunitaltos

    sunitaltos New IL'ite

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    Hi Guys!!!!!!!!
    I am in a dilemma, and need some suggestions on the above issue......

    I am a working women and have a daughter who is in first standard and a son of 4 months.
    As I have a gap of about 5.5 yrs gap between both my kids, it`s becoming a little difficult for me to manage my motherhood with my office.
    I have responsibilities at both the places that can neither be compromised nor ignored. As me and my husband both have the same working hrs,most of the time both of us reach home together.
    I take care of my daughter`s studies apart form managing my son and the other household work when I reach home.I reach home by 6.30pm and have very less time left out for her, hence I feel her studies might be effected because of me. Although I have a full time maid with me and my MIL is also staying with us , I still have no time for myself and my daughter. :rant:rant
    I have started feeling guilty of not devoting sufficient time to my daughter for her studies, ever since my son has joined us . I had hence decided that we can send her for tuitions so that she can complete her HW and revision there and I can do the value addition part.
    But my hubby has a different frame of mind and doesn`t want to send her for tuitions as he says the kid should not be encouraged to go to tuitions form such a young age...:bang:bang
    I can understand that it`s our moral responsiblity as well , but I am very confused and perplexed...:hide:

    Pls suggest if I should insist and send her to tuitions , if not how to manage my day in such a way that I can concentrate on every thing evenly...

    I would need urgent tips and advice from experienced working moms....[​IMG]


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