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Should Childless Couple Be Encouraged For Adoption?

Discussion in 'Adoption' started by gouricocktail, Aug 8, 2020.

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    I know your intentions maybe right and you want the best for your brother and sil.You may think that you are helping them by your suggestions and talks,but the fact is you are not helping them at all.. You are adding to their stress and worries to be honest..

    You want your brother and his wife happy,right? Do you want to give them your support as a sister?Please don’t talk about the baby related things to them.I mean, yes don’t talk about anything related to a baby at all. Believe me they know all the options and they will handle this. You as a sister can give them support in whatever decision they make. It is their life dear, Pray for them, tell them everything is happening for the best, and will be ok . That’s enough from your part. Best wishes for your family!

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