Should Birth determine "Nationality"

Discussion in 'KualaLumpur' started by parasmanic, Oct 25, 2010.

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    Lived in the middle east (Dubai) n loved the policy of GCC that they treat u very nicely no discrimination:thumbsup but no nationality provided...Initially i thought from those Indian's point of view who have been lving there since donkeys years (literally as initially food, veggies n water came on donkeys in gulf) but then later i observed that they are as confused about their identity as any american born confused desi (ABCD as they call in India)

    Having lived in KL .....for the last 3 months this question again is raised in my mind??:bonkR the indian malaysian or malaysian indian whatever they prefer being called not feeling the same identity crisis here:roll: coz i went to the UN day celebration and also to the mid autumn moon day festival also in hari raya to my son's school....n was really wondering how they feel?

    Not in their shoes so was wondering if u ahve ur thoughts on if birth or relocation for many years should determine nationality? share ur opinions it is nice to listen to people's views - helps broaden ours :thumbsup


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