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shopping in Trivandrum

Discussion in 'Trivandrum' started by Reenae, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Being one of the most important cities of Kerala, Trivandrum is an important shopping center for not only traditional Kerala items but also for modern goods. The best buys from Trivandrum are Kerala's traditional handicrafts such as woodcarvings, copperware, cane and bamboo furniture and crafts, lacquer ware etc. More often than not shopping is an integral part of a tour. Everyone wants to take back some artifacts, utilities or souvenirs after touring a region.

    The rich tradition of art and crafts make for a great shopping in Trivandrum. Metal work is an ancient art in this part of Kerala. The ace craftsmen of Trivandrum make exquisite items out of bell metal. Pick up some kitchenware, brass lamps and many other objects while shopping in Trivandrum. Coir products are also a superb specialty of Kerala. Floor coverings, doormats, floor Matting and rugs come in a range of colors and designs, which are made of coir or coconut fibers. These along with coconut shell crafts are huge favorites with those who want to do some shopping in the city.

    The main shopping centers in Thiruvananthapuram are M. G. Road, Chalai, Attukal Shopping Complex, Power House Road, Saphalya (Palayam), Narmada Shopping Complex (Kaudiar) and Kedaram (Kesavadasapuram). In trivandrum, most of the handicrafts emporia are located along M. G. Road.


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