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Sharing house-hold chores

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Tamildownunder, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Tamildownunder

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    Dear Ladies,

    Already I had started a thread under the same title and quite a few responses also were there. But, due to IL going down for few days, the entire thread has been deleted. I just want to start the discussion again as I ahd already quoted in U.S, a recent survey has shown that sharing house-hold chores is the top reason for the survival of marriages and not even children are resons for husband and wife sticking together. To me, there is a paradox here. In western world where we have all gadgets to do the house-hold chores like automatic washing machines with powerful driers so that you get your cloths stone dry in just under two hours and all you may need to do light ironing. You have dishwashers here to clean plates, vessels and as in one advertisement they say, in dish washers you 'load , shut and forget about it'. Ofcourse, you have vacuum cleaners for cleaning carpets, floors etc. You get vegetables cleaned, cut into small pieces ready to use. You get all ready-to-eat foods even from India (MTR, Priya and other brands supply ready-to-eat idlis with sambhar, chutney, ready-to-eat all types of sadams etc.). So, even here sharing house-hold works are given importance since it brings the husband and wife together. In India, in addition to all the above I have mentioned, we also have the luxury of keeping servant maids to do cleaning with vacuum cleaners, washing machines etc.

    Sharing house-hold chores mainly applies to men folks. But, with many women going for work, the roles are getting reversed. I fully agree with the concept of sharing the house-hold chores and I have lived upto my word for over 20 years of my married life. It had prepared me to meet the rigours of leading a lonely life abroad. Now, I do enjoy cooking. But, I am sad that whatever I cook, only I have to taste it. Because I was sharing the house-hold chores, I could run the family and my wife could devote all her time in her work towards uplifting Indian women. I once again recall the Tamil song and give its English translation.

    ஆடிப்பாடி வேலை செஞ்சா அலுப்பிருக்காது
    அதில் ஆணும் பெண்ணும் சேராவிட்டால் அழகிருக்காது

    You won't feel tired doing the work singing and dancing
    There is no beauty if man and woman do not join in the work

    I found one impediment in sharing the work in the form of my aged mother. Belonging to an earlier generation her concept is that all house-hold chores should be done by girls and that too by DILs only. She used to comment when I shared the work,' Ippadi emanthakuliya irukaiye ella velaikaliyum iluthu pottundu' ( you are so gullible doing all the work). I had to convince her that there was nothing wrong in my doing the work since she (my wife) is helping me to make both ends meet.

    I would like to get your responses to this topic of 'Sharing the house-hold chores'.



  2. Sriniketan

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    TDU, sharing house-hold work is not a bad idea at all.
    I :bow: for keeping up your word for 20 years in sharing the household work.

    I can understand your mom's generation' ideas based on this.
    Those days, women did not go out to work and bring in income to run the family.
    Nowadays, it has become a 'must' to keep both the ends meet.

    My dh does his share of work, when I ask him to...there is no problem in that :)


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