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Shades Of Woman

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, May 29, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    Desperate is an avatar: for the woman still inside a thin layer of protectiveness:
    The designer ones are greater in color, with pangs of hunger in children to be answerable, and a sick husband could not be far away. We in India have always had the man to be the bread winner, I know this article is a lot late when all the woman have taken over as bread winners and are facing a lot of desperateness in doing so, as the man is taking easy way out now, many drink and laze out…

    No volume of tear going to help here, only the survival gut needed to see how this could be met, whatever u learnt as a luxury in your mother’s place could become the base for a living or more to survive, like cooking,stitching clothes, knitting, painting, diplomacy and so on. I only wonder about those who are driven to do things that they do not appreciate each time it comes up to them.

    Her man asking her to cater to a boss so that he could get a promotion in the office, and then after a lot of first time fights, she has to settle for things like this to help the family he says, but deep down she feels sick to be a woman to be used like this, after the father taking the trouble to spend so much on a wedding and dreams of happy married life. Is this what a man can concede to, the most easy way out. The great middle class society of India has this a lot, trying to meet the image wanted to be maintained. Many a woman go for the easy way out, the tag of “MISTRESS” as they did not have a professional backing to get those adequate salary many brought home.

    If middle class could be so, let us have a look at the lower one’s, they are even better, they get easily adapted to the situation in life, and are actually not bothered about their image and so on, you have the fastest life in slum, one man unable to provide they throw him out and get another and so on, they don’t mind if one died, there is always the other to provide, their saying “after all he enjoys what is enjoyed by the burial later” their body.

    They don’t even consider it to be saved from the various angle of society, the children also grow the same way. Knowing very well that it is going to be so, when they see their mothers haplessly being used, the only life they have known is this. Many take to prostitution the easy way out, whether they like it or not, sometime even a decent marriage could go bonkers and she is on the street as a taboo or anything attached, with nowhere to turn to, they go for this, and use their youth to live, later die unnoticed or get dumped by the corporation.

    Some widows and barrens are even more exposed they are always been sought after, from inside the family to friends and so on. The minute a woman becomes a widow, her brother in law and many of the family men, line up in the pretext of helping, would love a nice encounter to remember, some outward with it, I will take care of u and your children just be with me, but I don’t want to marry u…woman do concede, whatever be the situation if only woman could think different, been left behind with a nice lumpsome money through insurance from the hubby, or father, as without the mahalakshmi gracing her or saraswathi gracing her, never rush her to marry without the proper backing of education. Oh to be a mother without money is very tragic looking at all these, dont u feel it is better to destroy in foetus stage than to put her through so many things...regards sundari kannan
    all here are woman no F.B. no fun..
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  2. Arunarc

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    Dear Sunkan
    Oh what a negative post. The most cruel side of a helpless women. Some sell themself for pride, some for the sake of money, some just becoz it is happening from genaration to generation......
    But today there are so many institutes who help such helpless women and are protected so well. So many of them who were working as household servants don't want to do so becoz these institutes gives them much better salary to work in the fields and also some homemade products.

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