Sesame Pakoras From Leftover Pulao

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    Making time: 30 minutes

    Makes: 8-10 balls


    2 cups leftover biryani or pulao cold
    1 cup sesame seeds (white or brown)
    2 tbsp. Semolina
    2 tbsp. Corn flour
    3 cheese cubes
    salt to taste
    1/2 cup boiling water
    oil to deep fry

    1. Remove any whole bayleaves, cloves, etc. From biryani.
    2. Run it in a small mixie, with short spurts, till rice is crushed a little.
    3. In a heavy frying pan, dry roast semolina, stirring continuously.
    4. When aroma exudes, add boiling water, stir till the mixture is cooked.
    5. Add more water if required to make a soft mixture.
    6. Add crushed biryani, salt and spices if required after checking taste.
    7. Add corn flour,cool mixture, form into pingpong ball sized rounds.
    8. Press in palm, place a small piece of cheesecube in center.
    9. Bring up sides, shape again into a ball, with chesse tucked inside.
    10. Keep oil to heat in a frying pan.
    11. Roll each ball in a plate of sesame seeds.
    12. Press seeds in place by enclosing with palms.
    13. Let into hot oil, to deepfry till golden and crisp.
    14. Cut into halves with a sharp knife.
    15. Serve hot with ketchup, chutney , etc.

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