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seeking suggestions about Redmond

Discussion in 'Indians in Virginia' started by Pradeebarath, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Pradeebarath

    Pradeebarath New IL'ite

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    hi friends ,

    i am pradeepa.. i am 20 wks pregnant.. my husband got a new job in microsoft redmond.. we r planning to move in the month of jan to redmond from morrisville, north carolina... plz suggest some good 1 or 2 bedroom apt in and around that area.. also some good ob/gyn..

    we r basically from tamil nadu.. so i wud love to know abt south indian restaurants and grocery stores too..

    i googled and found out few info like mayuri food and grocery stores, overlake hsptls..

    all good suggs welcome.. ty for reading..

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