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Seeking Liberal Society

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by mohanajagannathan, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. mohanajagannathan

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    Hi All,

    I want to share some of my thoughts with you. I am really, really very much concerned about the attitude of this younger generation.(particularly the age group of 15 to 25).No doubt, they are definitely smart and intelligent than the previous generation. But my worry is that, they are clueless about the dos and don’ts for their well being and happiness.
    We, Indians have very good value system. But it is slowly disappearing. Present teenagers are attracted by liberal society in foreign countries without applying their mind on the background history.
    I came across two things that happened last month in our country. One the Valentine's Day Celebration in smaller towns. These towns are not much exposed to the western culture and moreover have good value system. Actually, they don’t have any awareness about the Valentine’s Day. But I was shocked to see the photographs, published in the newspapers, which only revealed their immaturity.
    Another incident was the celebration in a software company. It is told this was a get-together for a relaxation to relieve their mental stress due to continuous sitting in front of the computers. But the way they were celebrating was awful as revealed in the newspapers.

    These two incidents made me to write this article. Why they are doing like this? What makes them to do so? What is so fascinating about it? Whether their parents aware of this? What is the role of parents to make them understand, and to do something to safeguard them and the society? These are the questions that come up to my mind.

    Multi media plays an important role in this. No doubt, it is a very useful to learn so many things happening throughout the world. But it is a double edged weapon.
    These youngsters, while going to the western world on short term work contracts,they are attracted by the liberal society and get carried away by that.
    But the pity is they try to inculcate these in our country after they return, without
    realizing the basic culture and traditions of ours, In the process, they form a society of youth who will be of no use in nurturing our age old traditions and heritage about which we should be proud of.
    Who should be blamed for this total degeneration? It is none other than We, the parents.
    Most of the parents are not friendly with our children, and never create an atmosphere in them to come to us to share their thoughts on any worldly issues, and create a zone of comfort .
    We, Parents should guide them and be a friend, philosopher and guide so that they can feel free to discuss things openly on all matters relevant for living.

    Only then, the myth that prevails among the younger generation that only liberal society is more attractive and value systems have really no meaning, will get erased from their mind.
    A friendly and understanding parent can really be a boon to the present generation people
    To make them to appreciate our traditions and value systems. At the same time making use of the abundant knowledge that is available from the developed countries of the western world
    which will make them more and more sharp and stronger mentally, so that they can become
    the builders of Future India which will be a developed country in terms of its technological
    advancement but still maintaining and nurturing its values and traditions.

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  2. Arunarc

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    Hello Mohana
    Rightly said as we were not exposed to the western world much during our teens it doesn't mean that we should stop today's kids from entering the liberal society. Along with that knowledge they should be thought about our cultures and traditions and make them understand the value of both. This is the duty of every parents, we need to be friends to our kids more then being parents once they reach they teens.
    Enjoyed reading your post.

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