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Seashells! - 1

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rgsrinivasan, Jan 6, 2023.

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    After spending an eternity
    Doing all things that he seldom liked,
    He decided to quit the city
    Where he lived thus far, packed and started

    To go to that village by the sea
    Spend all his time reading leisurely,
    The books he read while he was so young
    Then vanish like a song now not sung.

    With the magical sea without tides
    Not far from the hut he lived aside,
    He sometimes collected broken shells
    Arranged them in odd patterns so well.

    Rarely did he reminisce about
    His golden times which are but a few.
    Crying at times and laughing aloud
    While he wasn't reading as on cue.

    A little one who wasn't six yet,
    Surprised him by coming to his hut.
    Standing transfixed, her blue eyes were lit
    Seeing those shells. They blinked not a bit!

    "Take them if you like!", he said gently.
    She didn't take that offer then but
    Touched them all and blew the dirt lightly.
    Went out without saying any word.

    Will continue later.....
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