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saree vows

Discussion in 'Clothing & Apparels' started by teez, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. teez

    teez New IL'ite

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    lovely dresses .:)
    but can anyone tellme how to wear a saree properly plz:drowning:drowninghelp.

    p.s.iam a bulky person n heavier side:help:help

  2. rkgurbani

    rkgurbani IL Hall of Fame

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    Hello teez,

    Fashion and trends are so fast moving now in India. Even if its a Saree (which the younger and fast pace generation terms as time-consumin) or its a suit or lehenga....it is made so conveniant.

    You can walk into a proper saree store and ask for s drape demonstration. They will show it to you on a mannequin or on themselves too. This way you will actually be able to see how the saree looks on you.

    And yes, a, sure you must have heard of the ready-to-wear saree. This saree has properly stitched pleats and a loose flowing pallu as well. You just have to wear it on the petticoat mostly with the string and then adjust the pallu as you would normally. I have seen these in so many trousseaus of working women. And yes, if you have a well-experianced tailor, you could ask him to stitch the saree into a ready-to-wear also. Thanks to our designers who are trying to keep the saree tradition alive.

    Do check out this option as I am also a saree freak and I would gladly suggest this to any saree lover!!!
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