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Saree Or Sadėë Cotton Gi Tagged

Discussion in 'Clothing & Apparels' started by Thyagarajan, Apr 9, 2024.

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    Saree or Sadėë
    UDUPI Cotton
    GI Tagged
    Woven by women in India
    by 4
    Natural Dyes

    It is great to know this type of saree got GI Tag. I doubt spouse of our members are wearing saree as casual wear. Many ladies opine cotton maxie lends more convenience & comfort and for summer occasionally they choose cotton saree. Next gen Z may do away with sadees ( as pronounced in hindi Wales in mumbai ) the open end part of saree aka thalappü தலப்பு loved by kids and young lover or young man just attained husband status . Often this part of saree used as napkin or torn quickly to stop bleeding IN KITCHEN from husband's while chopping vegge
    INDEX OR middle finger!​

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