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    An elderly sardar had a grocery retail shop for years.
    One day a huge Supermarket sprung up just opposite his shop.
    Manager of supermarket put up signs advertising their prices, including one that said "Butter - 100 Rupees".
    Retailer thought he must do something about it so that his customers not lured by the mall. He thought for a while and then he put up at his foyer a notice board that displayed in huge letters "Butter - 90 Rupees".
    The next day, the big supermarket had a new sign, "Butter - 80 Rupees".
    Sure enough, the small shop sardarji notice board now read "Butter - 70 Rupees".
    This went on for a while, until eventually one of the young boy of sardar customers pointing to the notice board said,
    "Uncle, you cannot keep your prices so low for long. These big malls can use their buying power to sell products cheaper, and a little store like yours can never compete."
    In response, the old sardar bent forward and in hush tone muttered,
    "Hare ullu! I don't even sell butter..."
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