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same serial with new name!

Discussion in 'TV' started by harinivijay, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. harinivijay

    harinivijay New IL'ite

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    hi IL,

    you may think why i'm taking a simple issue in big and bold letters. everyone needs some sort of entertainment . when that entertainment makes me fool , i just like to pour out the thoughts.

    I wish to write about Jaya tV's kanavugal ayiram serial. same serial came in the name of 'ethir nichhal" 2.5 years back on jaya tv .

    i'm a good fan of k . BALACHANDER and so my mom. we love to see ONLY his serials . ( for no other serials we switch on the Tv).his serials will be on good standard .(not just like other serials with typical villi talk and lots of poisonous ideas and words and you are right all serials are same with characters name are different as the name of the serial changes.).
    i saw that ethir nichal serial when i was pregnant and enjoying mom's care ( started around june 2004) -a story of 5 girls who have good ambitions and fate decide their destiny .now it again started with a new name with same character's names and their role!!! i wonder is it not cheating ! or are they making us fools?:)idontgetit: ).its just a COPY AND PASTE TECHINQUE.

    i 'm now planning to switch off the tv permanently for serials.:goodidea: :yes:
    animal planet and cartoon channels are good for positive motivation. animal planet teaches the SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST .
    cartoon channels make us FEEL YOUNG AT HEART.

  2. anurar20

    anurar20 IL Hall of Fame

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    you are right harini this tv serials are making us fool same story line..............MIL Vs DIL, SIL Vs FIL, more villies except heroine she struggles very hard to come out her soroundings are only bad people giving torture to her she might not being know anything but she will become business magnet. she will bear all sort of nonsense given to her by PIL with patience and doing good all the time...........best to swich to any other channel as you mentioned.

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