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Rules that moms live by...

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by Roshni, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. Roshni

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    Hi Ladies,

    I thought of sharing this article on "family rules that work!". These are claimed to be Mom's secrets for getting their kids behave, pick up their messes, and more. I found them to be different and interesting, rather than the normal rules that we are already familiar like: No hitting, No food in the bedroom, No ball throwing inside the house, No scribbling on walls, etc.

    Rule 1: Want to scream? Take a number!
    Two children cannot be screaming at the same time. If one of the kids is wailing and the other starts in, remind them of the rule and one of them (the one just joined in) should go silent.

    Rule 2: Travel light
    Children always want much of their stuff around them as possible. They would try to bring their whole room along anywhere we go. So limit how much they can take with them by instituting the backpack rule - they could bring anything that fits a zipped-up kid-size backpack. If it doesn't fit, they need to rethink their choices.

    Rule 3: Friends are to be shared
    When there are two kids and when the elder one gets his/her friends home, the little one will be excluded. Put a rule that friends are to be shared and the little one has to be included. This will help turn the elder one into a compassionate caring brother / sister.

    Rule 4: Kids first
    The rule is, you try before you come to Mom. If your daugther / son says, 'I already tried', ask them what they tried or have them do it again while you watch. Sometimes just say 'You did?' and continue with whatever you are doing. This means you heard her / him but your not going to help out. Let them know they don't need you always to figure out how to do things.

    Rule5: Cleanup duty
    Enact the rule if you bring it in, you take it out. This means whoever brings into the car (backpack, shoes, food box, cups, snacks, whatever), they have to take it out too.

    I believe these rules will be honored by the kids too!

    Why not we try some of them with our family?

    - Roshni :wave

  2. puni88

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    Thanks for sharing these rules.
    These are definitely different and simple to use :)

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