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Review - Transporter II

Discussion in 'Movies' started by krishnaamma, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. krishnaamma

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    After the excellent movie, The Transporter, in 2002, its now Transporter II. In this movie, Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is a driver with superb skills. He is appointed by Mr. Billings (Matthew Modine), a high official, to safely take his son Jack where ever he goes. Be it school or hospital. Gianni (Alessandro Gassman), is paid so as to ensure that Mr. Billing doesn't deliver a speech. So, Gianni plans to kidnap Jack. They find out that Frank is going to escort Jack to hospital by one of the mics set near Mr. Billing's house. Lola (Kate Nauta) and a few other guys go to the hospital, and take the place of the Receptionist and doctor. When Frank goes to the hospital with Jack, Lola manages them both by saying that both the Doctor and Receptionist, whom Jack had met before, had gone out. Frank gets suspicious and enters the doctor's cabin to find him correct. He finds the guys disguised as doctors and Lola and manages to get in his car. In the mean time, Lola directs her gang member to attach a Remote Explosive in his car.
    While Frank takes Jack home, Gianni calls him and tells him that Jack has been injected a portion of virus, that would start working by a few hours. He also instructs him to take Lola along with him to the place he says so that he would give Antidote to Jack.
    But, when he takes Jack and Lola to Gianni, he takes away the kid and tells Frank to get out of there or else he will be shot. He finds out that his car has a Remote Explosive and gets rid of it in a beautiful way.
    The remaining part of the movie is about
    • Who has the antidote
    • Where is it
    • How much
    Before Frank could get the Antidote, Gianni frees Jack to their parents. But only Frank knows that Jack is still affected by Virus that spreads in Air.
    What will happen to Mr.Billing's family? Frank? Gianni? Lola?
    Watch it for ur self ;)

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  2. puni88

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    Will surely watch this movie.
    Thanks for the review.

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