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Review - Aitraaz

Discussion in 'Movies' started by krishnaamma, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. krishnaamma

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    Rating : A

    This movie was directed by Abbas - Mastan. This is not a thriller movie, its a suspense movie.

    Priya Saxena LLB (Kareena Kapoor) is in search for a job. She finds an ad in the news paper to practice under Barrister Ram Choitrani (Annu Kapoor). She forgets his address and goes to Raj Malhotra's (Akshay Kumar) house who is in need of a house maid. He was told by his friend that the maid was an educated girl and only after a few minutes he comes to know that she had come to the wrong address. (Ram Choitrani and Raj are neighbours). Similarlly, the maid goes to Ram Choitrani's house. The next day, he manages to get some law books from Choitrani and fool Priya, but she gets to know when Choitrani himself comes to Raj's place to take his books. Even after all this, Priya liked Raj and they get married.

    Raj works for Voice Mobile, one of the biggest firms. 70 year old Ranjit Roy (Amrish Puri) is the Chairman of that company. On the annual day (20th Jan), he introduces his 3rd wife, Sonia (Priyanka Chopra).

    Raj was expecting a promotion as CEO but was made one of the board of directors of the company by Mrs. Sonia Roy. While we are quizzical about why this happened, Raj runs through his past, 5 years ago, his affair with Sonia in Cape Town (South Africa), and why he left her and came back to India.

    Meanwhile, Raj buys a bungalow for Rs. 3 crores. While he is preparing for the house-warming function, he gets a call from his colleague Rakesh Sharma (Vivek Shaq) reporting some defect in a mobile that was distributed among staffs for testing and he had to go. Since the problem was quite unusual, till the problem was corrected, they decide to stop the production. But for this, Rakesh asks Raj to meet Sonia and get her approval as she now was the new M.D..

    Sonia's P.A. asks Raj to meet her @ her house that day. When he goes there, she tries to sexually exploit Raj, and on Raj not giving a green signal, Sonia complaints to her husband that Raj tried to rape her. Mr. Roy becomes wild and asks resignation from Raj for the cheap behaviour.

    What is Raj going to do? How he will prove himself? Will he prove himself? How Choitrani is going to help Raj? Will he succeed? Will he be able to counter the power, position and contacts of Mr. Roy?...

    You will have to see...SUSPENSE...

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  2. mums

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    Sorry for the late reply ma.

    Thanks for the review..........climax--Raj wins the case and rape charge is dropped........not allowed to do movie henceforth with Sonia(PC) by his real wife Twinkle.

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