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Return of the Prodigal Daughter?

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by kanaka, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. kanaka

    kanaka Bronze IL'ite

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    Charu was forever considered dumb. Not smarty. Years passed. Now she was considered not presentable. Not pretty. how would she geta groom? Will she or will she not take up the marital duties on her shoulder? Charu's mother would nodd her head in sorrow. Yes but Malu can never be a problem.Look at her smartess. What personality!
    After some few years- Charu is married. No dowry. No ritual. Gentleman wanted a wife who will not be confined to the four walls. Educated and decent enough to be his wife.
    'I Do' said Charu. That was their way of solemnising marriage. Days passed.
    Charu's' parents could not bear to see a son-in-law or a daughter who will not toe their line. .
    Started intimadating the couple. The man stood firm. Charu could no more keep contacts with her parents. Nor was an atom of sorrow in her. Life went on. They started a family of their own.She had a sister by name Mallu.
    Here Malu fell in love with a boy. Ended in an disastrous manner. Parents took her to their fold. What else would she do with a small child? But there was something to boast of- Malu proved to be a leading lawyer. Earned well also spent well. Relatives dotted on Malu.
    years passed. Their father passed away. Malu took over the father's mantle.
    Now Malu's son considered himself the sole grand child of the family. The very presence of Charu's child was a threat to him. So too malu !Relatives started worrying about Malus days after the mother's death. For Malu it was a nightmare.
    As days passed ,one day charu. little more matured,reticent, told her mother that she would relinquish all her claims which should duly come to her and through her to her child.
    The mother could say nothing. Charu assured her mother that this outcome has been after a long deliberation in her house(Charu's husband and child) for a long time . But Charu had one thing to ask the mother"Tell me have U made any arrangement already. In that case see that see that Iam not made a party to any of your assets however big or small it may be. Her mother was very evasive. Poor Charu understood nothing out of that. Now she told Mallu her decision. She welcomed the decision at the wink of an eye.
    On a particular day Charu decided to go ahead with the legal procedure of handing over her share to Mallu. But Mallu insisted that the reason shown asCharu possessing another flat. Charu could no more take this nonsense. Poor Charu and her husband had struggled to make a decent asset by sheer hard work. Charu was not prepared to declare that as her ancestral asset. Finally the deal was over. minus her husband's asset.
    Charu whom the world considered as a selfish person are yet to know the humane aspect of her and her husband. When alone she feels depressed thinking the whole episode which happened during the transaction (I had promised Charu I would never reveal the ungrateful act of her kith and kin) as something farce. Today Charu is happy that she helped a person whose life had been tragic. Yet feels she has been cheated by her people somewhere.
    This is a story of one Charu which touches the reality to a large extent.
    Tell me how do we evaluate Charu and her sister Mallu. In real life Iam known to both. Can anyone throw some light on this story based on real life? kanaka:coffee:coffee:coffee
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  2. Saraswathipv

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    Kanaka ,

    You write that you know both charu and mallu..so its a real life story eh ?
    Don't know how and what to evalute when I come across such differences between siblings. Its sad, but it seem to prevail.

    Your narration was good.
  3. Mohur

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    A real Life-story? Shouldn't this be in non fiction category?

    Evaluating Charu & Malu from this one paragraph wouldn't be fair as this is not a piece of fiction and in real life a lot of things are considered while trying to judge/evaluate a person.

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