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Religious Disharmony Is More Popular Than Human Harmony?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by HariLakhera, Dec 12, 2021.

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    Sunday Special-Religious disharmony is more popular than human harmony.

    I am a social animal and for that very reason, I am attached to some social media groups. I enjoy reading what others have to say, giving my feedback as is done by others.

    During the last six weeks, I posted two snippets titled " On Being Muslim". And “Hate begets Hates”. Before and after this I posted as many snippets on various subjects, the latest being:

    Food culture.

    The best of the future is the past.

    India That is Bharat

    The maximum feedback I got was on, your guess is as good as mine, "On being Muslim”, and “hate begets Hate” I tried to explain that we all need a human touch to deal with each other. I got all the brickbats, some made of foam rubber and some of the hard stuff. Thick skinned as I am, I am penning or should I say fingering this snippet?

    And again, your guess is as mine. The topic of the day in India is Religious harmony and Human Harmony. All other topics can wait.

    This has helped me in becoming more popular by posting political or religious related posts, to hell with jobs, health, education.

    As a habitual publicity seeker, I enjoy it and post more of such snippets.

    I am rather thinking of pursuing the subject of human degradation. When was the first time, humans became inhuman or thought of becoming inhuman?

    Any idea?

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