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Red eyes

Discussion in 'Body Care' started by shaa, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. shaa

    shaa New IL'ite

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    Hi friends,

    I have been using monthly disposable contact lenses for the past 2 years.
    But one major problem that i feel with wearing lenses is that my eyes turn red and gets tired very quickly.
    Besides I also get a burning sensation in my eyes on staring at the monitor.

    I tried consulting my doctor and he said I might have to reduce my exposure to the computers.
    Can any of u out there suggest some home remedies to solve this problem??


  2. Abha

    Abha Bronze IL'ite

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    HI Shaa

    I've been using contact lenses from last 7 years... and this problem is quite common... i get more tired and sleepy if i'm wearing lenses for long time and even for short times... watching the computer makes it even worse...

    basically the funda is that if your eyes are tired your whole body feels tired... watching the computer makes your eyes dry and eyes are fatigued easily...

    the remedy for this is, firstly blink your eyes and keep looking here and there, once in a while even while sitting in front of your comp screen... last but not the least... always carry your lens solution with you...whenver you feel you are getting fatigued, just take the bottle and pour a drop of two of the lens solution in your eyes... and eyes will become absolutely fresh again.

    take care

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