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Recent experiences with import of dog into India? We are moving in 3 months from UAE.

Discussion in 'Pets and Animal Lovers' started by SumiD, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. SumiD

    SumiD New IL'ite

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    We are moving back to Kerala this December. As per the current laws, we are eligible to take our Maltese with us.

    Import to India:
    I contacted furry flyers and have been quoted about 18000 Rs. (import only) for the NOC and related paperwork to get her into Mumbai. They suggested we not travel via Bangalore (as was our initial plan) as the requirements for obtaining the NOC in Bangalore is much tougher? So we are planning Mumbai and then travel together with our pet on a train down to Kerala in 1AC (where pets are allowed to accompany us).

    Export from Dubai:
    I am still awaiting a quote on that, but if it works out too expensive, I am going to try to see if I can do the paperwork myself.

    Anyone has any experiences with import of pet recently into India? If yes, please do share.


  2. Paulina

    Paulina Moderator Staff Member Platinum IL'ite

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    Re: Recent experiences with import of dog into India? We are moving in 3 months from

    Hi Sumi,
    Hope you have worked out a good plan for your pet doggie's travel to India from UAE.
    Years ago, 1998 to be precise we transported a pair of Pomeranian/Spitz breed dogs from Kuwait to Chennai .We travelled by AIR INDIA and they came in their cages in the hold and landed safe and sound .Since that was so long ago The rules and rates may have changed now ofcourse. We paid around Rs 20,000 for both of them.
    Just went to Google like you must have done too and came across this site www.k9friends.com. has special reference to UAE pet transport advice .

    [h=3]Relocating your dog from the UAE - K9 Friends[/h]www.k9friends.com › Advice

    All the best in your final arrangements for transporting your pet.

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