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Real Estate Attorney in NJ?

Discussion in 'Indians in Edison' started by meghakapoor, May 22, 2006.

  1. meghakapoor

    meghakapoor New IL'ite

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    Hi All

    Does anyone know a good real estate attorney in NJ. I'd appreciate if you could post their contact details here. I am looking to buy a house and the real estate agent suggested to have an attorney oversee the complete process.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. laksn

    laksn Senior IL'ite

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    I think we went through this attorney ..Pinto Brown or something. I will clarify and let you know. He did a nice job and was very very prompt in his work.

  3. Indrabolt

    Indrabolt New IL'ite

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    Real Estate Lawyer

    My dear Lady,

    I'm a white man from Canada. I'm a Real Estate Professional from British Columba.

    The Profession of Real Estate is very similar in UK, Canda, or the USA. The difference is the Law.

    There are two major types of Land Registry: Torrens, and Old Registry.

    I frankly don't know what type of system they have in N. J. I was able to give important help to a woman in N.J. in a Landlord problem. It so happened that a case almost Identical went to the United Supreme Court.

    You typically have a Realtor help you find a home. The lawyer takes the Contract of sale and closes the deal, and registers title. If you know the house your going to buy, you don't need a Realtor. Do not write the contract of sale your self. The offer must in in a correct Contract to Purchase form. It is very important that the Contract is written correctly.

    There Torrens is the better and safer system, Subject to some limitation, title is protected to the Registered Owner. The Old Registry just "Stamps the docutments. There are several varations of Registry. Here you must get a lawyer to do a " Root of the Title Search", and by Title Insurance. The insurance Companies like this system. I can't say that is very useful to home owners. The Torrens system is much cheaper to search, and register title. Our Torren System has been in place for over one hundred years. There are few problems in the " Root of the Title". The " Root of the Title" trys to determine who is the true owner of the property in question. Here it is simple, subject to some limitations, it is the person on title.

    Lawyers must have " Tort Insturance". One law firm had to pay 31 million in "Tort Damages", for breach of duty.

    Unless, you are a Real Estate Professional, use a lawyer in the State in Question.

    That state will have a Law Society. It should be on the internet. Also there will Law Firms advertizing in the Internet from every state.

    If you have difficulity, I will contact the Law Society of N.J. for you. Since I'm not a lawyer of that state, I can not give you legal advice. Your legal advice must come from a lawyer of the state. Please be aware that you never bribe a public Officical in Canada or the USA. Bribery is a Criminal offence.

    Most respectfully yours,



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