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    A friend of mine sent this to me. I am not exactly sure why this is titled the way it is. Neverthless, the piece is interesting...

    Hi there!

    this is a random shout out to everyone..

    the greatest thing to hit the screens in recent years is Munnabhai Lage Raho!

    it comes at a time when Gandhi lives in mottled photographs on government office walls and on street junctions...
    at a time when M.G. Road in any city is probably the most happening place...
    at an age when LPG is no longer yout favourite type of gas...
    at a time when the country has no heroes anymore... not real ones
    at a point when filmstars are all that matters...advertising is selling us to the products that we dont need...
    at a juncture where great things are fragments of history...great people are holy cows...

    When we suddenly discover 9/11 also means the Birth of Nonviolence not just planes and terrorists
    And we jump to call our tragedy 7/11 ...apeing the New Empire ...not realising that the West knows the other 7/11 too well ...the
    chain of grocery stores which stereotyped first generation Indian immigrants opened in the US....long before the doctors and IT ...when americans thought all indians are potential 7/11 storekeepers..and treated them that way

    Ahimsa probably now means Pokhran...silent blasts in the deserts..ringing loud in the right ears...
    Peace means the interval between bombblasts
    Non violence is War against Terror
    Truth is Tehelka
    Swarajya is Aloo Tikki Burger

    The movie makes you think, laugh and may be even cry...
    Joie de vivre if you please

    In the movie Gandhi is a delusion in a Goonda's brain...

    even then it makes a difference

    See the movie!

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