Questions Asked During Preschool Interview

Discussion in 'Karnataka' started by vijayals, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Hi Mommies,

    Planning to enroll my son in BGS/DPS/Kumarans, what are the questions to be prepared for parents & kid.

    Heard that some schools prefer Stay at home mother, is that so.

    Thanks in Advance....

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    I think you will have more questions to them as you are leaving your little one there. I would prepare for that.
    1. are you leaving for full day, so how much nap time, when is snacks and lunch timings, do you need to send it or they give snacks and lunch to kids

    2. what are their discipline methods, if kid throws a toy etc. or not sitting for activity. Do they give timeouts?
    3.How they manage first few weeks of kids crying, as they don't want to leave mom, dad and go to school.
    4. How much time they make them sit.
    5. where is their playground, how much time they leave them for play.
    6. need to be toilet trained ?
    7. how often can they meet teacher to know how kid is doing.
    8. can they see kids when they are in class through webcam etc from home. (some schools provide that)

    I never faced them asking parents questions, but they may want to know how you do things at home,
    sleep and food routines
    food preferences
    how he plays, has he/she has friends etc may be

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