Questions About Moving From Us To Uk---

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    Hi All,
    Questions about moving from US to UK move---

    I am living in the US with my family for 8-9 years. My husband is on H1B visa and I am working on H4 ead. During our last India visit in 2022, we struggled a lot to get visa stamping dates. I am sure everyone of us Indians here in US who wanted to go to India, went through this gruesome struggle. An year before that, we also had emotional roller coaster ride to renew H4 EAD, all these experiences pointed to a dark, unending uncertainity. Now these uncertain situations will not be there after getting a green card. But given the current trends, getting employment based green card looks near to imposssible. Seeing all these uncertain situations made us think that what if we can move to UK. Now, Why UK ?
    1. In UK, one can get PR after 5 years
    2. Closer distance to fly to India-UK
    3. Health care system
    4. Education in UK is at par with the US and college is less expensive than the US

    I also understand from my research that the salary is not as high as here in the US but we have decided to accept this fact for above mentioned reasons. Has anyone moved from US to UK because of these reasons, or if you have your own reasons can you mention some of your own ? What are the challenges of this move ?

    Thank you

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    I hv no prior experience neither I visited or stayed in UK or USA.
    But then from a distance I observe that factoring in the current inflation trend and resignation of lady Pm and failure of Brexit existing Euro By UK, the saving potential could be far less vis s vis UK.
    The cost of living has been increasing across the UK since early 2021. The annual rate of inflation reached 11.1% in October 2022, a 41-year high, before easing to 10.7% in November 2022. High inflation affects the affordability of goods and services for households.
    Service industry is worst hit. Energy turned more expensive. Unemployment rate gone high. Recession in major core industries.
    Why Can't consider immigrate to Canda or Australia or Singapor? There are hundreds or thousands of people sailing in a boat like yours and what they are doing about it?
    Is it distant lends enchantment? Perhaps you may take a leaf out of Srilankans who are exiting their country to other parts of the world. Sweden is another good nation for happy living with enormous saving potential, peace loving citizens, easy transport, good education health care..
    Best wishes
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