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Queries On Religion And Spirituality

Discussion in 'Queries on Religion & Spirituality' started by bhoomitra, May 3, 2016.

  1. bhoomitra

    bhoomitra New IL'ite

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    Today morning i ha a dream, i am going to temple and then finishing some work coming out from there. Near by i see one more shiva temple and i see shivlinga , i go inside the temple and was praying. The the priest offers me theertham, to receive it iam showing my hand. At the same time i am seeing one male person next to me standing and receiving theertham. when i show my hand for receiving it he pours the theertham from his hand to mine.I take that water. Followed by which the priest gives kunkumam in hand and he agin puts it in my hand. what does this dream signify? i am confused.

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