Plz Recommend A Good Humidifier [to Relieve Severe Dry Skin] That Emits Warm Air For Large Room

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by SuiDhaaga, Oct 3, 2022.

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    I purchased $100 humidifier last year ( It is supposed to emit warm air and didn't, hence i got huge discount.

    Just now I took it out of closet for winter and the power will NOT come on.

    Doesn't matter what outlet. I tried all troubleshooting steps.

    It will cost more to send for repair to have it replaced by a refurbished one. Not to mention spending time that I don't have (see my other post on time management)

    I am upset and frustrated right now because I planned to do lot of things and I got so many useless, external distractions today.

    Just please, recommend a good humidifier that
    - emits warm air
    - for large room
    - water to be changed at most every 24 hours

    Right now we are managing with

    Water needs to be changed every day, and it also needs to be cleaned with white vinegar every day. The previous humidifier that broke down did not require such time-consuming cleaning.

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